Got Any Questions?
1 What is required to rent a Water Wheels Sports Car?
There are a few items to need to rent a Water Wheels Sports Car. First, a valid driver license and you must be 21 years old. Second, if you were born on January 1, 1988 or after, Florida law requires you to have a boating license. You can obtain a boating license for free at Please have the boating license completed and present when you come to rent the Water Sports Car or you will be able to drive an d your deposit will be lost. Third, a deposit of $200-$1000 will be required to reserve the Water Sports Car depending on the length of the rental time. This is to cover the gas, time, and all other fees needed to bring the Water Wheel to the dock, and any possible damages that may occur to the water craft. Last, the balance of the rental will be paid in full before you are allowed to enter the water craft.
2 Where do we go to get on the Water Wheels Sports Car?
You will meet a Water Wheels representative at the dock at Pelican Harbor Boat Ramp The address to the ramp is 1265 NE 79th Street Causeway, Miami, FL 33138
3 How do I drive the Water Wheels Sports Car?
The Water Wheels expert will launch the Water Car at the dock. They will show you how to operate the watercraft. The instruction will last 15 minutes and will not be included in your rental time. When your time is finished, you will be required to bring the boat back to the dock and the Water Wheels representative will be there to assist you off the Water Car.
4 Where can I ride to and how long can I ride?
At Water Wheels, we allow you to free roam the Miami waters at your own discretion. All of the Water Wheels Sports Car have a tracking system. We ask that you stay with in a 2 miles radius of the launching dock. If you are traveling further you need to communicate with Water Wheels where you are going and get approval. Some of the waters are choppy and rough and are not suggested for riding. You may rent the Water Wheels Sports Car for 1 hour, 2 hours, half day (4 hours) or a whole day (8 hours). In the event that you are not back at the dock when your time is completed your deposit will be lost. If you aren't heading back toward the docking area when your time is completed, your watercraft will be shut off and we will send someone to tow you in.
5 What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, zelle, and cash app. We will be accepting credit cards soon. Our zelle is Our cash app is $WaterWheelsUSA